3 Wedding Trends for Today’s Couple

Your wedding day will continue to be all about you in 2016—no doubt about it! But this year is also set to bring some welcome changes to the wedding planning landscape, special touches that will make for a more memorable event.

Our expert event planning staff predicts the following and encourages you to consider these up-and-coming trends that really are new twists on classic favorites.

1. Relax Over Food and Drink

A proper dinner is all the rage in 2016. Gone are the days of “stationed receptions,” which seemed like a good idea but turned out to be long and exhausting for guests. After a full day of getting ready, driving a distance to the ceremony and possibly waiting for the reception, your guests’ day is just about as long as the bridal party’s day. By dinnertime, everyone is ready for … well … dinner.

At Vickers Restaurant, we’re seeing a pull away from these cocktail-style receptions with lots of finger foods to a renewed focus on a light cocktail and hors d’oeuvres hour followed by a traditional sit-down dinner. The only exception to the finger food rule is a dessert table. Nine out of 10 couples choose a dessert table—and their guests appreciate the extra detail.

vickers desserts

Signature cocktails are still in, but need to be well thought out. While a bourbon neat may be your favorite, it’s not wise to offer that to your guests who may not be as seasoned as you are in the bar department. Lighter libations like a champagne cocktail or spiked sangria are more palatable beverages your guests can enjoy (and not pay for the next morning!). Consult your wedding planner if you’d like to design your own custom cocktail.

Pro tip: If the number in your party will be 60 or under, ask if your guests can order with personalized menus. It saves you time and often money and is an elegant and impressive surprise for your guests. This is something that Vickers does often for its weddings.

2. Decorate with Lots of Flowers

We’re seeing flowers everywhere once again. Centerpieces are becoming more of a focus and brides are putting more dollars into their tablescapes than their bouquets.

vickers flowers

This year, we’ll see brides carrying small bunches of baby’s breath but wearing fresh flower crowns, floral necklaces and even fresh floral sashes and giving a nod back to traditional flowers like roses, hydrangea and (if you’re lucky enough and can find a local grower) dinner plate dahlias. Luckily, Vickers’ floral design team grows our own dinner plate dahlias organically and right around the corner.

Pro tip: Antique colors are really making a statement in 2016. Choose positively sweet and ethereal muted pinks, peaches and creams to be on-trend.

3. Make an Evening of the Rehearsal

Over the past five years, we’ve seen rehearsal dinners become more than the traditional meet and greet. With many out-of-town guests coming from afar, it’s nice to say “thanks for making the trip” by including them the night before. The rehearsal dinner also is an opportunity for the groom’s side to shine and feel they’re an integral part of the wedding events.

Rehearsal dinners were once reserved for intimate family to get to know each other and for the fathers to toast the happy couple back and forth. In 2016, we’ll see many couples treat the rehearsal dinner as a welcome dinner—and that’s just great for the extended family (and friends!).

Pro tip: If you’re doing a rustic wedding, choose a formal dinner for the rehearsal. If you’re doing a farm-to-table theme, opt for a traditional filet Béarnaise at the rehearsal to delight your guests. Your wedding planner will help guide you to the perfect rehearsal dinner fare.

Vickers Restaurant serves traditional Continental cuisine with classic French flair. Indulge in attentive service and outstanding menus in quaint and comfortable surroundings. The same European service is available through our stellar event planning service. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a wedding for 150, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy the highest level of care and attention to detail. Join us for happy hour, dinner and live piano on Fridays and Saturdays—we’ve got the area’s most extensive European wine list and excel at vintage cocktails. In season, relax in our outdoor garden for drinks or dinner. Vickers is the perfect spot for fine food, cocktails and entertaining.

Nina Malone


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