What’s Tableside Service All About?

While others are bringing back the fine art of tableside service, at Vickers Restaurant, it’s never left. We’ve been plating from show-stopping presentations for more than 40 years. Trends come and trends go, but stellar tableside service is a classic—one you’ll enjoy watching before digging into your meal or dessert.

Tableside service hearkens back to a more genteel time in France, where skilled chefs would work in front of the house to display their prowess. It was a way to sell the sizzle that has since transformed into part culinary arts, part showmanship. For the guests, it’s pure fun.

vickers salad tableside

Offering the highest standards of fine dining and European service made our restaurant famous and is at the heart everything we do. Tableside service was a natural choice for our owner Arturo Burigatto, whose storied history spans some of the finest white-glove establishments here and abroad. He was born in Venice, learned culinary arts in Switzerland and worked at the Savoy and The Ritz-Carlton in London—to name a few. He also managed Philadelphia’s Le Champignon before he fell in love with, bought and opened Vickers.

What Tableside Means for You

  • It’s a great show perfect for impressing a date or a client.
  • It unveils the mystery of exactly how your dish is made—and the care that goes into it.
  • It allows you to completely customize your meal on the fly: light on the garlic or no anchovies on the Caesar salad, for example.

Bonus: you can nab recipes and tips from what happens right before your eyes.

Vickers steak diane

Indulge in Our Tableside Flambé

You’ll never forget your first Steak Diane—our most popular entree—prepared in front of you. In fact, you’ll want to order it again and again to see sumptuous beef tenderloin, dijon mustard, mushrooms, cream and brandy prepared to perfection and finished with a quick flame.

Vickers Steak Diane 2

Then, drool over three desserts that benefit from a touch of fire:

  • Bananas Foster, just-cut bananas cooked quickly in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, then splashed with rum and banana liqueur and ignited
  • Crepe Suzette, a French specialty slathering a thin crepe with caramelized sugar, butter, citrus juice and zest and then set aflame thanks to Grand Marnier—plus vanilla ice cream
  • Cherries Jubilee, a generous serving of vanilla ice cream with cherries marinated in cherry liqueur set afire

Watch Freshness Unfold

We’re fans of the slow food movement and choose local, sustainable and seasonal ingredients as much as possible, especially from our friends at the Sankanac CSA in Kimberton. You’ll delight over two fantastic dishes prepared tableside:

  • Our Classic Caesar Salad has been the real deal for nearly half a century, marrying crisp romaine, house-made croutons and parmesan with our authentic made-to-order dressing of pepper, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, anchovies and raw egg yolk.
  • A whole-fish Dover Sole, filleted and kissed with sauce meuniere.

vickers caesar salad

We invite you to try tableside service when you next join us at Vickers. It’s not just for special occasions—though anytime you’re dining with friends, family and colleagues it’s special. Pair it with a great wine and you’re on your way to an unforgettable evening. It’s a show for the senses as you see, smell and then taste fresh and fantastic food prepared beside you, and just for you.

Vickers Restaurant serves traditional Continental cuisine with classic French flair. Indulge in attentive service and outstanding menus in quaint and comfortable surroundings. The same European service is available through our stellar event planning service. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a wedding for 150, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy the highest level of care and attention to detail. Join us for happy hour, dinner and live piano on Fridays and Saturdays—we’ve got the area’s most extensive European wine list and excel at vintage cocktails. In season, relax in our outdoor garden for drinks or dinner. Vickers is the perfect spot for fine food, cocktails and entertaining.

Nina Malone

Photos: Alexandra Whitney Photography


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