The Company Holiday Party Is Making A Big Comeback

Make Sure Your Holiday Planning Is On Point With These Easy Steps


Your company holiday fête is a time to show your employees management’s appreciation for all of the hard work they do. For the long nights in the office, the weekend emails, the

traveling away from their kids and families, your company holiday party is a gesture of gratitude. Research shows that these kinds of thanks, help companies reap big rewards in performance and, ultimately, profitability for the.

Why then, do we put employee appreciation on the back burner? Why do we rush when the calendar hits December and try desperately to plan a last minute lunch or dinner, very well knowing that all of the “good spots” are taken? This year, don’t get caught in the conference room. Book your holiday party early, give your employees something to look forward to and make a great party that they will recognize as thoughtful and fantastic. Follow these 3 easy steps and you’ll be sure to have everybody rocking around the Christmas tree and wanting to pay you back with performance.



Usually restaurants and event spaces start planning 3-6 months in advance (We’re designing romantic Valentine’s Day dishes while the masses are grilling hot dogs at their Labor Day barbecue!). Our special group pricing, holiday menus and cocktail lists are ready as early as January. Keep in mind, most existing corporate parties re-book the same date for the following year, right after their current lunch, dinner or cocktail party. So already, a year in advance, there are dates off our reservation calendar. By mid-November Vickers is usually booked for the coveted Thursday, Friday and Saturday dates. We’re very lucky that we have 4 private dining rooms for 15-40 and a large banquet room that can hold up to 150 for a cocktail affair. This gives us more flexibility when it comes to crunch time. But you don’t want to compromise exactly what you want, so hop to it!



Times are a changing and the days of serving chicken wings and fried mozzarella sticks are gone. Your employees are taking their health more seriously and planning a menu celebrating their efforts will go far (and get you some bonus points). Select hors d’oeuvres like mushrooms stuffed with crab, vegetable and black rice noodle spoons, smoked salmon canapes and house smoked duck breast crostini that are healthy, satisfying and sure to keep health nuts on track. A healthy body gives way to a healthy mind, and healthy minds will contribute to your bottom line. Specially priced group menus can include truffled white bean soup, grass fed heritage bison and wild king salmon—item’s that maybe your employees have never tried or haven’t been in the position to break the bank on. This is a real treat for your team, so make it worth it.



While alcohol consumption is obviously an individual choice, it’s always proper to offer the option to your guests if you have invited them. As guests it is assumed that they should not have to pay for anything, including the alcohol. If you are looking to keep costs down, consider a wine and beer only option. Consider kicking off your event with bubbly prosecco or a champagne and juice cocktail—a Venetian Bellini for instance– that keeps the alcohol low. Once seated ask your venue if they provide “French Service Wine” (wine poured at the table vs. guests getting up to go to the bar). This is a great way to limit guest consumption and pace the evening.  Looking to add a little more flare to your festivities? In lieu of a full bar, adding one or two seasonal cocktails, served in smaller portions, like Vickers’ Pama Ginger Martini  with pomegranate and orange or our Orchard Martini made with pear puree and champagne will cover all of your bases (and make sure there are no headaches at the end of the night).

Planning your holiday party? Have a look at Vickers Holiday Party Planning Guide.

Call to inquire about our private dining rooms 610-363-7998


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